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Our Team

Based in Derby, All British Precision was founded in 2012 by Richard Allen and Ian Howard. The aim was to achieve a reputation for precision engineering excellence.

We have a wealth of experience in engineering and continually invest in training so that we can be leaders of best practice within the industry. This ensures that our technology is used as effectively and efficiently as possible. We also believe in passing these skills on to the next generation and as such, have apprentices currently training with us.

We are currently recruiting, send your C.V. and find out the available roles.

British Precision

British engineering has a global reputation for the highest levels of innovation and quality and we take great pride in this. Increasing numbers of British companies are finding benefit in reshoring their manufacturing operations to British precision engineers.

  • Reliability
  • Reduced Logistic Costs
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • No Dependency on Exchange Rates
  • Quicker Lead Times
  • High Grade Materials
  • Trusted British Precision

We recently had the pleasure of a visit from Patrick McLoughlin, MP for Derbyshire Dales & Secretary of State for Transport. We introduced him to our latest equipment and expert team, whilst discussing the importance of the British engineering sector.

British CNC

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